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Welcome To Brame Academy!

     Brame Academy is the premier preschool located just minutes from the Richmond Airport and Nabisco. Rated #1 by parents, the academy is housed in a 14,000 square foot facility that offers a music room, art room, computer lab, library and cafetorium that is utilized for lunch, parent meetings and plays. Brame Academy has age appropriate preschool classrooms with the feel of big kids school. Other activities that we offer are dance, gymnastics, piano, swimming lessons and much much more!
     Brame Academy has 9,000 square feet of ample fenced-in playground space which also includes an in-ground pool for water activities and swimming lessons. The pool is totally fenced off for security purposes with a lifeguard when ever in use. We have four separate play areas for our children to play soccer, basketball, kickball, ride tricycles, slide on slides or just catch some rays in the beach chairs.

"Come and experience the difference!"

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