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Preschool Programs

“Implementing researched best practices about how children learn” 


Students will use a multisensory approach (auditory, visual and kinesthetic/tactile) to practice each day on sounds they have learned previously before being introduced to new sounds. We will be working to build phonemic awareness and auditory processing skills in the students.

Phonemic Awareness


Vocabulary Development




A print rich environment full of words, with children literature, show and tell, calendar, time, story telling and scaffold activities

Writing Skills

Students will cover skills such as proper placement of the pencil, letter and number formations and correct spacing when writing. Writing of phrases and sentences progressing to paragraphs and short stories.

Math Building Blocks

Students will participate in learning concepts starting with counting simply and effectively using manipulatives to build a bridge from the concrete model to written form. Students and parents will be amazed at how easy it is to make math make sense. See It, Say It, Build It Approach.

Functional Play

Sensorimotor and practice play. Practicing mental schemes by interacting with objects, such as bead toys and puzzles.

Science Exploration

Students will explore their world inside and out. Making Science come alive by becoming a part of the lesson through play, experiments and self exploration.


Students will participate in weekly computer classes. Academic games and activities will reinforce lessons in reading and math. Classes will be filled with fun, engaging learning activities to enhance the learning process.

The Arts

Students will participate in weekly arts and craft lessons and music classes. Students will explore their artistic abilities in painting, drawing, clay and sand art and much more. Music classes will provide creative music making with musical instruments, singing and movement. These great activities will stimulate eager minds and provide exciting entertainment to keep young minds active.

Integrated Curriculum

Learning takes place through active learning activities. Such as cooking, students will learn math, social skills, science and reading skills all within one activity.



Following Directions


Extracurricular Activities: (nominal fee)

Music Lessons– piano

Dance Lessons– creative movement,


Martial Arts

Swimming Lessons (seasonal)

After-School Program

SAFE - Students Aspiring for Excellence

Homework Session

Organized Games and Play



Sewing and Etiquette Classes

Science/Math/Art Classes

Character Development/ Community Service

Private Tutoring Available (Fees will apply)

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